Music is a well respected art form and extensively valued in modern culture. Similar to any art form, musicians often face barriers in their creative process, seeking ways to continuously create new and exciting music. In order to overcome the barrier of writers block, many successful musicians use a few key tips and tricks to get themselves back on track writing musical hits.

Musicians are creative individuals who find inspiration in all facets of life. If you’re a songwriter who is finding themselves creatively blocked then you may want to try a few short musical exercises to get your inspiration flowing. One of the most suggested exercises is to create a remix. Artists who create covers or remixes take aspects of a preexisting song and change some of the parts to create a new version. This can be especially inspirational and the artist could potentially find a beat that inspires an entirely new hit to be written.

If you find yourself having difficulty after exploring the music and remixing the music of other writers then it may be time to revisit chord progression. Chord progression allows musicians to use music theory in order to create different sounds or harmonies. Returning to the basics can remind a complex musical mind that some of the simplest musical theories can create epic musical hits. Lyrical melody can either be a strength of an area of struggle for songwriters. Lyricists use their writing abilities to create rhythmic melodies and patterns with underlying poetic structure. Create a story to get you started if you’re blocked in this area of writing.

Musicians who are capable of taking the theory behind the art and create music of their own are especially gifted individuals. Those who are musically inclined to the language of beats, notes and melodies are able to provide the world with some of our most appreciated music.