Many people believe that music is at the core of every day life. Using the vibration and rhythm that feels most comfortable, people have used music as an integral part in all aspects of their life. Singing is one of the first musical talents that an individual explores. The voice is the most accessible instrument and the first topic explored by musicians in order to learn different scales available in music. If a musicians develops an understanding of singing music and their vocals, it is then much easier to approach other instruments.

Singers are often performers and those individuals have been some of the most successful musicians who have ever lived. Singers are the powerhouse of the stage and the focus of the audiences attention. The vocal chords are an instrument that could be used by all but isn’t, making the vocalist recognizably valuable for their talent. Their popularity is illustrated through the number of singing competitions that have become extremely popular on television in the past decade.

Competition shows like American Idol and the Voice has brought the music industry some its most successful vocalists. Artists like Kelly Clarkson from American Idol hit off her massive career by standing in line for a music competition. Some musicians do not give enough credit to the access and opportunity at the other end of these musical competitions. The exposure is massive and regardless whether the participant wins the singing competition or not, they are often given in depth descriptions, providing them with the best endorsement possible.

The networking opportunities along with the media exposure in singing competitions is huge. Many who participate and lose will still go on to retain massive music careers. Individuals who put these shows together have the connections necessary to perpetuate a musicians once lame career into something of superstardom and phenomenon.