Musical acts have become worldwide phenomenon in the past decade at the drop of a hat. Competitions that find musicians and place them in situations to compete against each other have brought the industry some of its most successful artists. Although many of these artists are not known for their time on a music competition show, it can be seen that the fame was directly influenced by that experience.

Famous people in the Music industry like producer Simon Cowell have developed singing competitions to find the next great superstar. Many of the producers had experience developing the careers of musicians into super stardom. Simon Cowell who create the UK’s The X Factor and America’s, American Idol was popular for having developed fame for artists like the Spice Girls. This brought loads of artists out to his music competitions hoping to gain the same type of exposure. This model has been extremely successful for a number of musical artists.

The X Factor brought the world its most recent and modern boy band called One Direction. The band has a worldwide following and brought in more cash than any other group during its most popular years. Similar to many other musical groups, members of One Direction have moved on to success in their own music careers. Members like Zayn and Harry Styles have had massive success with their solo albums after the break up of the competition winning boy band.

The same style of popular TV has brought the world Nicole Scherzinger who was in the group the Pussycat Dolls. It is surprising how many artists have found their path to stardom standing in line for a music competition.

Miranda Lambert, Jennifer Hudson, Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson have all started their careers in music through the world of music competitions. It is valuable to note that it doesn’t matter which genre of the industry that an artist wishes to work in because competitions can help exposure on all levels, in all genres.